10 Must Visit Places in Cameron Highland

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By: Farisha


Cameron Highlands welcomes you with cooling weather and beautiful nature across the mountains. Along the mountains’ winding roads, you will discover tea plantations, strawberry farms, jungle trails and markets, all of which will make memorable experiences.


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  1. BOH plantation.

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BOH Plantation is a must visit destination in Cameron Highlands due to its scenic vistas, harmony and tranquility and last but not the least cool fresh pure breathable air. Refresh yourself at the tea plantations with a cup of tea and relish in the extraordinary panoramic views of the green plantations. Learn how the BOH Tea Estate and Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation pick and process the tea leaves. 


Highlights: Process of tea making. 
Location: Ringlet, Sangai, Palas and Habu 
Timings: 9:00am to 4:30pm except Monday 
Price: Entrance free

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  1. Strawberry Farm

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Pick some fresh strawberries at Big Red Strawberry Farm, followed by a delightful afternoon tea with strawberry jam, strawberry tea and strawberry milkshakes. Later, drop by the Butterfly Farm to be mesmerized by the beautiful butterflies fluttering around in the garden. The entrance fee is RM 5 for adult and RM 2 for children.


Highlights: Visit the beautiful tomato garden based within the premises. 
Location: Brinchang 
Timings: 8:30am to 5:30pm daily 
Price: Free

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  1. Lavender Field

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Visit the Lavender Farm where you will see various types of lavender (such as Hokkaido Lavender and Mona Lavender) and other flowers in the fields. A leisure walk along the garden is a splendid way to spend some quality time with loved ones in midst the treasures of nature. Apart from nature display the garden provides enough entertainment for the visitors in the form of cafe, souvenir shops, games center for the younger ones and mini bee history section which is quite popular. 


Location: Tringkap, Malaysia 
Timings: 9:00am to 6:00pm (Monday to Thursday), 9:00am to 7:00pm(Friday to Sunday) 
Price: For adults RM5 and for kids RM3


                                                                                                                                                                Image Credit:


  1. Tanah Rata


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Cameron Highlands has a few different towns where visitors can reside during their stay that are all fairly close to one another. Tanah Rata is certainly the liveliest, and it is also home to the main bus station. It is here you will find fresh fruit, vegetable and secondhand clothing market on the weekends. It is also within walking distance of all the hiking trails that make the highlands one of the most famous trekking destinations in Malaysia.


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  1. Mossy Forest Hike


                                                                                                                                                          Image Credit:

The Mossy Forest found high in the mountains of Cameron Highlands is a must-see destination. The trail is oftentimes engulfed in a thick fog and cold temperatures make hikers feel as though they are no longer in Southeast Asia. This forest is home to a wide array of strange and interesting flora, including the pitcher plant, a brightly colored carnivorous plant. The trail is both slippery and steep, and visitors are encouraged to explore this are on a guided tour as opposed to taking on the trail themselves.


Location: Sungai, Palas Estate Road, Malaysia 
Price: Free tour for all


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  1. Thompson Falls


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An extraordinary scenic location, the Thompson Falls is a perfect place for all those nature lovers who love tranquility, peacefulness and harmony in the ambiance. Away from the city buzz and not much crowded this is an excellent location to take off the shoes and sleeve up the pants and immerse into the cold and refreshing waters. Located near Tanah rata, this place has enough attractions to explore. The refreshing waterfall surrounded by verdant greenery is a visual treat. The view from the top can be fetched by climbing the stairs and it’s more arresting. 


Highlights: Swimming at the cool pools 
Location: near Tanah rata 
Price: Free tour for all

  1. Time Tunnel Museum


Image Credit: Cameron Highlands Travel Guide


The Time Tunnel Museum is often considered as the “Local Museum” in Cameron Highlands, set up in 2007 by a young avid collector See Kok Shan. It is the first memorabilia museum of the country where the collection provides great details about the history and the culture of the Cameron Highlands. Since See Kok Shan belongs from this land only, he has a collection of his own and not purchased. There several sections in the museum which displays with pictures and models about lifestyle in the early years and how it has changed in course of time. In a nutshell it is a wonderful way to explore the rich history of Cameron Hioghlands and how the people of the land has changed them and accepted modern thinking to their benefit. 

Location: In the heart of Brinchang town 
Timings: 9:00am to 6:00pm 
daily Price: For adults RM5 and for kids RM3


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  1. Visit Butterfly Farm


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One of the oldest tourist attractions of the Cameron Highlands, the Butterfly farm is an excellent location to enjoy the beauty of these lovely species in a rainbow of colours. Though in itself the farm is not that big but it has a wide collection of living butterflies. Another interesting feature of this farm is the wide collection of beetles displayed in this farm. The collection includes Cheirotonus arnaudi, Odontolabis femoralis, and other major popular species. The butterfly farm is located close to the kea Farm and on the same road one can also visit the Butterfly garden too to explore the subject more. It’s about 20 km in distance from Tanah Rata. There is a souvenir shop as well as a restaurant within the farm which provides light snacks and refreshments. 


Location: near Kea Farm 
Timings: 8:00am to 6:00pm 
Price: For adults RM5 and for kids RM2


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  1. Honey Bee Farm


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Considered as a novelty in Cameron Highlands, the honey bee farms are known for their production of delicious honey which is kept up for sale as well as displayed for the foreigners. There are three major honey bee firms present in Cameron highlands and they are located in Ringlet (Highlands Apiary Farm), Brinchang (Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm) and Tringkap (Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm).All these firms are a prime attraction for the travellers though each vary with the other in terms of size, capacity and honey production. The bee farms are open for the travellers to visit and there remains range of other attractions like vegetable farms, strawberry picking and interesting kid’s activities to entertain the visitors. There are souvenir shops too within the honey bee farms. 


Highlights: gallery of bee nests and avid lush garden filled with unique and attractive flowers 
Price: Free tour for all


  1. Cactus Valley


                                                                                                                        Image Credit:


One of the greatest attractions of Cameron Highlands is the Cactus Valley located in Pahang region. The valley boosts a wide collection of cactus plants of versatile origin and nature where some are as old as 60 years and still living. It has a good collection of plants and foliage which includes roses, calla lily impatiens, fuchsia, ananas, camellia, hibiscus, rhododendron, bird of paradise, glory bush, clivia miniata, peaches, hippeastrum, geranium, coleus and many others. Even various apple trees and passion fruits are also cultivated in this region. One of the interesting part of visiting this place is that all these versatile plants cultivated and stored here are available for sale too. The specimen are grown in pots and can be easily carried. The retail section at the valley does the entire sale. 

Location: Brinchang 
Timing: 8:00am to 6:00pm 
Price: For adults RM4 and for kids RM2


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