General Tips on Improving Car Performance (Everyone Can Do This)

General Tips on Improving Car Performance (Everyone Can Do This)


1. Get rid of the excess weight

Weight is one of the main factors in improving the performance of a car. Less weight means more power for a car to move forward. Get rid of your boxes full of junks that have been stored in your car’s boot for ages.

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2. Regularly change engine oil

Generally, there are 3 types of engine oil - mineral, semi-synthetic, fully-synthetic. On one hand, fully synthetic oil is a high grade yet expensive oil and it helps in running the car engine optimally while reducing the possibility of carbon deposits. On the other hand, mineral oil is kind of basic and cheap oil, usually poured into a newly built car, to help the engine break in. Semi-synthetic oil is a lower grade version of fully-synthetic oil. Having explained these types of engine oil, what engine oil that is suitable to be poured into your car engine usually depends on what car you drive. Nonetheless, regularly changing engine oil is a good practice. It does help in reducing the load on your car engine by maintaining the oil viscosity, protecting the engine components. Good and renowned brands are Castrol and Shell.

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3. Good performance tires

Tires are the only point of contact between your car and the road surface. No matter how powerful your car’s engine is, if the tires are not good enough to deliver the power, it will just be meaningless. Benefits of performance tires include improved handling, higher speed capabilities, the ability to stop shorter, and enhanced grip.

Examples of good performance tire brands are Michelin and Hankook. As a side note, there are also tires meant for other purposes like comfort (like Continental tires) and eco-driving (Bridgestone Ecopia).

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4. Lightweight wheels

Lightweight wheels such as aluminium and magnesium alloy wheels greatly reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and reduce the pressure on the suspension system. This translates to better acceleration and handling, and also reduced fuel consumption. Just make sure the lightweight wheels are also rigid and resistant to cracking. Most important of all, do not buy counterfeit wheels as these fake ones might tend to crack easily. Trusted brands, amongst others, are Vossen, Enkei, Gram Lights, and Rays.

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5. Replace air filter

Aftermarket air filters allow for more airflow into the engine for a more efficient use of the air/fuel mixture, while also blocking impurities (you know, the dusts and particles from the atmosphere). High quality aftermarket air filters are easy to install (just plug in and go). They are made of fabric, easy to wash compared to the standard paper-based ones. Some of the good brands are K&N and Works Engineering.

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6. Decarbonizing for cars that have clocked more than 100K km

As the title suggests, decarbonizing is recommended for cars that have a high mileage. Over time, there will be a lot of carbon deposits in your car’s engine, so much so that it affects the car performance. Decarbonizing is a method to flush away all these unwanted carbon deposits. Generally, there are two types of decarbonizing – chemical (chemical substances are utilized to pull carbon like a magnet) and physical (involves manual labour of disassembling the engine and cleaning the components thoroughly).

Usually, chemical decarbonizing takes about one hour to complete and the cost is very affordable. So, send your high mileage cars to decarbonizing experts now and you will regain that lost power.

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7. Replace the factory exhaust

Car engines get their power by igniting a mixture of fuel and air in a combustion chamber. They constantly require new air and fuel sources while they expel the already used air via the exhaust system. An engine with a small exhaust system would struggle to “breathe” while a powerful performance exhaust system helps the engine by keeping it clean.

All aftermarket exhaust systems not just improve the sound and style, but also improve the horsepower and fuel economy to a certain extent. A truly powerful header to tailpipe exhaust system could be a bit pricey up-front. Nevertheless, in the long run, it would be really worthwhile. Some of the popular performance exhaust brands are Magnaflow, APEXi, and Flowmaster.

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8. Get performance adjustable shock absorbers

Powerful engine is pretty much useless without driver’s ability to control the car. Shock absorbers literally absorb or more precisely dampen unpleasant effects of bumpy roads and unavoidable potholes thus enhancing control and comfort. Replacing the stock nonadjustable shock absorbers with adjustable performance ones could entail the highest amount of investment among all tips recommended in this article.

It is quite complicated to explain how exactly shock absorbers work. It would suffice to say that shock absorbers help in ensuring the tires always touch the road surface in any road condition. Adjustable shock absorbers would make sure that the car behaves according to the way you love to drive while nonadjustable ones might not be suitable for all. Examples of adjustable shock absorber brands are Koni, KYB, and Bilstein.

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9. Installing anti-roll bar

How can merely a bar or a beam help in improving your car performance? Simple answer is improving the handling. A well-structured anti-roll bar would reduce the G-force when your car makes a turn at high speed, thus avoiding unwanted accident. However, there is a speed limit that you should observe, how much the speed limit is depends on several factors like the tires and your car center of gravity. Ultra Racing makes good anti-roll bars.

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