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                                                                             HOTLINE: +6013 4900 548. CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP 24 HOURS SERVICE.


        Telephone Line: +603 5523 9667 or +6019 240 9278 or +6018 274 7064. You can also whatsapp or sms.

        Please whatsapp us if you need to ask something.

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What Is The Vect?

We are the answer to your ride. Need a car, a lorry, a bus, a helicopter, a private jet? Bundle that with full service chaffeur? No Problem! We are The Vect!

Ready When You Need

Saves You Time

Reliable Rides

Be Our Partner

We are looking for operators who provide all types of transportation services namely cars, vans, buses, lorries, helicopters, limousines, sports cars, all wheel drives, SUVs, private jets, speed boats, cranes and the list goes on.

List your services on our website and get your services known all over Malaysia.






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